Watering flowers

Do not water so that the flower pot constantly stands in a tray or in a decorative pot full of water. You should water with rainwater if possible. Water always with stagnant water, which must have at least the temperature of the room in which the flower is located, and even better if it is slightly warmer. Watering with cold water in both summer and winter causes more damage to plants than we think.

With a little attention, which will eventually become a habit, we will easily meet the mentioned requirements, but also guess the right time when we have to water the flowers. 

So it is good, if we are not sure whether we have to water the flower or not, to knock on the pot. If the sound is clear, it means that the soil is dry, and we must water the plant immediately, while a muffled squeak indicates that there is enough moisture in the soil. 

When watering, we must always pay attention to the dormancy period of certain types of houseplants. If we want our flowers to develop normally, and bloom regularly every year, we should stop watering during dormancy or reduce it to a minimum according to the instructions for individual species. On the contrary, at the time of the most vigorous growth and flowering, all plants especially those with many leaves and flowers need a lot of water, and some should be watered two to three times a day.  Plants with weak roots and leathery leaves, with hairs or thorns such as cacti do not need so much water, although they should be watered more abundantly in summer than in winter.

It doesn’t matter what time of day we water the houseplants. At the winter  is best watered in the morning, to dry the soil a bit by evening, and on warm summer days it is best to water in the morning, and if necessary in the evening. We must always keep in mind that any watering means cooling the soil.

Most houseplants should be sprayed regularly, especially in winter when the air in the room is dry due to the heat, but even on hot summer days, the plants are especially grateful to us for this kind of refreshment. 

Another problem plagues every houseplant grower, and that is the question of watering the plants during the holidays, if he travels for a long time. In a few days, we can provide our houseplants with the necessary moisture by putting them in a tub in which we let a little water. Arrange the plants so that the sun does not reach them, if the bathroom has a window on the sunny side. We can also help ourselves by watering the plants abundantly before leaving, and then cover the soil in the pot with moist moss or by placing the pot with the watered plant in a larger pot full of moist moss or peat.

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